Alocasia Bambino 4"

You will receive a 4" pot of the popular Alocasia bambino, Alocasia Bambino is a narrow African Mask plant. The striking contrast between the dark green and sometime slightly purple leaves with white veins is what makes this plant so attractive. They will sometimes bloom with a white or cream flower similar to a calla lily. Because this plant requires high humidity it is a wonderful choice for a bathroom or a kitchen.

Plant Care
Alocasia bambino are fairly easy to care for they will thrive with bright indirect light year for watering you will want to water well once the top 2"-3"inches of soil are dry use a pot with good drainage. Humidity for Alocasia bambino should be kept 50 to 85 percent and temperature should be kept above 65.

*Please check your local weather before purchasing.
* in extreme cold weather we will hold off on shipping your plant until the weather improves if the delay will be more than a few days we will reach out to you and let you know what to expect.
*please follow tracking updates and make sure someone is at home to receive the plant
*we are not responsible for plants after they have been shipped, but if there is an issue please contact us within 24 hours of the plants arrival

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