Cissus Discolor- Rex Begonia Vine

Native to the tropical rainforest of the island Java. It has large beautiful and colourful leaves with shades and tones of green, silver and purple all blended together. The underside and vines have a nice burgundy to deep purple colour truly making this plant stunning. The Cissus Discolor also called Rex Begonia because of its pattern, wide and long leaves, is actually not part of the Begonia family but closely related to the Vitaceae family (Grape Vine).

We have a very limited supply and may not restock once sold out.
*comes in a 6" pot

Plant Care
 The Cissus Discolor needs bright indirect or filtered light and warm temperatures to thrive.Do not allow for the soil to completely dry out.
*Please check your local weather before purchasing.
* in extreme cold/hot weather we will hold off on shipping your plant until the weather improves if the delay will be more than a few days we will reach out to you and let you know what to expect.
*please follow tracking updates and make sure someone is at home to receive the plant
*we are not responsible for plants after they have been shipped,but if there is an issue please contact us within 24 hours of the plants arrival.

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